Remove Unwanted Backlinks

Start by Finding Links to Your Site

Why Should You Use Our Link Removal Service?

Avoid Google Penalties

If you have link farms linking to your website, it's just a matter of time before Google, Bing, and the other search engines start to penalize you for unnatural link building. Once your site is penalized, the effects can be devastating. Don't wait until you lose 50% or more of your traffic to take action.

Guaranteed Removal

Each directory that participates in our program has installed special software that allows us to remove your links directly. We don't need to contact the owners or wait for their response. These diseased links will be removed in a matter of hours, not days or weeks.

Save Time

You could spend weeks tracking down contact information for each directory only to have your messages go unanswered. This frustrating process doesn't work and takes up a great deal of your valuable time. Why deal with that hassle when you can remove all those backlinks in just a few short hours with our service.

Save Money

Some of our customers waited too long to remove directory backlinks. Those hit hardest lost more than 90% of their search engine traffic due to penalties. Now those customers are spending a fortune to restore their site's reputation. If you're not sure our service is worth the money just ask yourself this one question - How much will it cost if you don't remove these toxic links?

How Does Our Link Removal Service Work?

Start by Searching for Links

Our search looks through a comprehensive list links that are active on the directories that participate in our program. On our search results page you will be able to see an exact list of the links that we will remove as part of your order. Any links that found in your search are guaranteed to be removed as part of your order.

Place Your Order

Once we have received your order and payment we will begin working right away to remove directory backlinks that point to your site. You will receive a confirmation email from our sales team letting you know that your order has been received.

We Remove the Unwanted Backlinks

Each of the participating directories has installed our plugin on their directory. This plugin allows our order fulfillment team to access each directory and remove your links automatically. Because there's no involvement from the directory owner we are able to remove all the links in your order within 24 hours.

We Verify the Links are Removed

Our order fulfillment team checks each link in your order to verify that it has been removed. We strive to execute every order to perfection. When we notify you that your links have been removed, you can be confident that we removed the links and double checked that they are actually gone.

Within 24 Hours Your Order is Complete

Once your links have been removed and we have verified that they are gone, we will send you one final email letting you know that the links are gone. Attached to the email you will receive a spreadsheet containing a list of the links that we removed as part of your order.

We Stand Behind Our Work

Once you purchase a link removal from us, we stand behind that removal. We actively monitor each of our participating directories to ensure that no removed link ever becomes active again (for instance this might happen if the directory has a database crash and recovers from a backup that was taken before we removed your link.) If we detect that the link has become active it is removed immediately.