3 of the Worst Type of Backlinks Pointing at Your Site

A smart business owner knows that there’s more to getting potential online customers to your website than just flashy graphics and pretty fonts. For customers to find you, your site must rank well. You’ve worked on your search engine optimization, filled the site with high-quality content, you’re active on your social media channels, and it looks like you have a large backlink portfolio, so how come your site isn’t ranking?

Did you open your backlink portfolio and see where your links are coming from? Backlinks are a profound way to direct more traffic to your site and boost your rankings, but not all backlinks are created equally, there is such a thing as bad backlinks.

Bad backlinks can drag your rankings down, and at the worst can cause your site to be deindexed from the major search engines. So, what’s a good backlink, and what’s a bad backlink. Let’s get you up to speed with backlinks by discussing some of the worst backlinks out there.

3 of the Worst Types of Backlinks

Paid Backlinks

Let’s say you’re approached by an SEO company who tells you they can boost your backlinks, for a fee. You can let that company know, “No thank you!” as paid links are a surefire way to get your site penalized. When you’re building your backlink portfolio you want natural or organically occurring backlinks to boost your rankings, never paid. That SEO will likely just plaster links on low authority websites and drag your rankings down, way down.

Link Networks/Link Exchanges

Link networks, also known as blog networks, also known as link farms, and link exchanges are another no-go when it comes to backlinks. These link exchanges used to be a current way to stuff your backlink portfolio but these types of link exchanges now can and will get your site penalized. Double check to make sure you don’t have any links coming from these sites or your site could face a penalty from the search engines.

Foreign Language Websites

Having a couple of backlinks issuing from a foreign language website is usually not a big deal, but it is a widespread practice of shady SEO services and link-builders and should be watched out for. If you check out your link portfolio and see many backlinks issuing from India, or South Korea, you may need to disavow or get these backlinks removed.

The tangible way to earn great backlinks is by writing rich content, participating in social media, and being involved with your online presence. Meet with an SEO service or link-builder to help get your backlink portfolio up to snuff.