5 Reasons Why Backlinks Will Destroy Your Rankings

The many different search engine ranking criteria can drive you crazy. You think that you’ve built out the perfect page, you’ve double checked your tags and titles, your social media is kept up to date, and your site is full up on informative and original content. You’ve done everything you can think of, but your site still isn’t getting anywhere near the front page of the search engines, what’s going on?

There are many different things you can do to boost your search results naturally, but have you thought about your website’s backlink portfolio? If you have bad backlinks pointing to your website, your website will suffer from terrible rankings. But why? Isn’t a link, a link? Let’s review five reasons why these bad backlinks are killing your rankings.

5 Reasons Why Bad Backlinks Will Destroy Your Rankings

Bad Backlinks May Violate Webmaster Guidelines

The number one reason that you don’t want bad backlinks in your portfolio is that they often violate webmaster guidelines. Bad backlinks are one of the primary tools used by scammy web companies to give you a temporary boost in results, but once the search engine finds out about the bad backlinks, your site may be hit with a penalty, and in the case of multiple or egregious violations, you site could be delisted from search indexes altogether. You could see the results of these types of violations on your site for months, and even years.

Bad Backlinks Have No Authority

Major search engines categorize a site by “authority.” The more authority a website has, the better a link from that site will reflect on your own site’s rankings. If you have bad backlinks coming from low-authority sites like “link farms,” it will be reflected in your rankings.

Your Customers Will Not Use Bad Backlinks

The basic idea behind a link is that a person will use a link to find your site naturally. If all your site’s backlinks are scattered on shady websites, your search engine traffic and rankings will suffer.

You May Not Know You Have Bad Backlinks

Many times, site owners don’t even know that they have bad backlinks. Unreliable web companies may farm your link building out to less than reputable services and fill your backlink portfolio with awful backlinks. They get paid while your rankings suffer.

Bad Backlinks May Attack Your Reputation

Bad backlinks like negative links may be a purposeful attack on your company or reputation. It’s always advisable to remove any negative content pointing to your site.

If there’s one thigs we know about bad backlinks, it’s that they can destroy your rankings. If you have issues with your backlink portfolio or need to rid your site of bad backlinks don’t wait around while your business and site suffer, make the call to a reputable web company, search engine optimization company (SEO) or link building expert today.