Why delete backlinks?

Backlinks (whether you want to believe it or not) are the single most important influencer when it comes to website getting ranked, or penalized by Google. Removing, or devaluing backlinks can be used to both improve website rankings (for penalized websites) or demote rankings.

Delete Backlinks to Improve Search Engine Rankings:

At times, small businesses hire search engine optimization companies who ‘cut corners’ by acquiring toxic, low-value links that violate Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. When your website violates these guidelines you will see a drastic decrease in search engine rankings. Typically, these penalties are applied algorithmically, or even worse, by a person at Google (referred to as a manual penalty/action.)

Delete Backlinks to Demote Search Engine Rankings

One might ask, why would you want to demote a websites search engine rankings? Here are a few reasons why you might want to demote a website’s rankings:

  • The website contains defamatory content about you or your business.
  •  The website contains information about YOU that don’t want the general public to see
  • Your competition is ‘cheating’ to get strong rankings and you want to level the playing field.

Our Process:

Our backlink removal & demotion process is not an automated process. We have search engine optimization experts who carefully evaluate the links to determine the best course of action to remove or to demote the link. Our proven method has allowed us to help website’s who have been penalized recover, as well as demote rankings for websites that contain hurtful content or information.

To learn more about our backlink removal & demotion process check out our FAQ or contact us for a free quote.