Does Content Help You Earn Backlinks?

If you’ve been working on your website’s rankings, you’ve likely learned a thing or two, especially the importance of backlinks. The major search engines use a wide range of criteria to help decide where to rank your website in search results, but they have never been shy about stating the importance of high-quality backlinks.

Your goal is to fill your website’s backlink portfolio with high-quality backlinks from high-quality sites. There’s one issue, for your backlink to be “natural,” you can’t coerce someone to put up a link or pay for backlinks, they need to come naturally. So how can you build up your backlink portfolio without forcing links on other sites? If you have been working on your website, the answer lies in that site’s content. So, what’s the connection between content and backlinks?

So, Does Content Help You Earn Backlinks?

Content is one of the top ways to earn natural backlinks. When we say earn backlinks, the keyword is earned. No one is going to give you a mountain of backlinks, you must earn them organically, and content is one of your best tools to achieve more and better backlinks.

The goal is to fill your website with rice, original, and well-thought out content. For example, if you’re a snow-plowing company you might write an article about the benefits and disadvantages of several types of de-icing agents. Someone in the same line of business sees your article, decides that it is informative and well-written, and wants to share it with their customers as well. That business owner posts a link to the article on their website, and like that, your website has a new, natural, and high-quality backlink.

The advantage of using well-written informative articles is that it kills two birds with one stone. Major search engines like Google have repeatedly let website owners know that rich and original content is very important for a website’s rankings, as well as natural backlinks. So, you get the advantage of rich content on your site, as well as a much greater chance for natural backlinks.

So, if your site is only an About Us and Contact page, you’re missing out on both content and backlinks! Start getting on writing articles yourself, or look to a reputable content writer or search engine optimization (SEO) company to fill your site with great content. With high-quality content, you will see your site’s backlink portfolio piling up with high-quality backlinks.