Does Social Media Help You Earn Backlinks?

It’s a fact, if potential customers can’t find you online, you’re losing out on plenty of business. Most, many people now go online to shop for goods and services, so if they can’t find your website, there’s no new business for you. Therefore, search engine optimization (SEO) has become a critical service for businesses.

One of the best things you can do for your website and to help your rankings is by insuring your website has a good backlink portfolio. Backlinks are links from other websites that point to your website, and they’re very important if you want to rank well.

There is a catch though, backlinks must come about naturally or organically, you can’t force them on anyone, and you can’t buy a log of backlinks! In the case of good backlinks, you must earn them; you can’t just get them. So, if you can’t make someone post a link or ask them, how are you supposed to get good backlinks?  Have you thought about your social media channels?

Do Social Media Channels Help You Earn Backlinks?

Social media channels are one of the top ways to earn backlinks to your site. Modern SEO involves plenty of social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and though all your social media can be a mess to keep up with sometimes, it can earn you natural backlinks, here’s how.

Let’s suppose you run a metal recycling business. You write a well-thought-out article on recycling copper and post it on your social media pages. Another metal recycling center 3 states over who you’re Facebook friends with sees this article and likes it, so they post a link to it on their website, and there you have it, you have earned a natural backlink!  You didn’t coerce anyone, you didn’t pay anyone, you just put down great content on your social media channels, and the great content took care of your website.

Using a mixture of social media and content is one of the top ways to earn natural backlinks, which will benefit your site’s rankings. If you need help with a link-building strategy or need help with great content for your social media channels, contact a link-building expert, or SEO service today. The longer the wait while your rankings suffer, the longer you’re missing out on business.