Here’s How to Earn Backlinks Naturally

How does Google decide who make’s the first page of rankings? How does Bing decide who gets the top 3 spots for search results? If your company’s site doesn’t rank well in the major search engines, you are unfortunately missing out on all those site views and all that potential business. Many site owners know if they aren’t ranking well, they might as well be invisible, so rankings are a primary goal for many business owners.

But there’s a problem. The major search engines keep their algorithms and ranking factors a secret, to a degree. While the exact formula for website rankings is only known to higher-ups in the search engine companies, most have been clear about certain factors that will help you rank well, like high-quality backlinks.

Natural or organic backlinks are one of the most important factors when it comes to your rankings, and that’s straight from the horse’s mouth. But again, we have another issue, you want natural backlinks, but for a backlink to be natural, you cannot coerce, pay for, or otherwise convince someone to put a link to your site. So how do you get natural backlinks? You earn them. Lt’s review some of the best ways to earn backlinks and help your site out.

3 Ways to Earn Backlinks


When it comes to your rankings, content is king. Again, this comes directly from the search engines. A naked site will not help your rankings; you need to fill it with high-quality, well-written content to get the most from your site. What’s this have to do with backlinks? The more great content you post, the more likely someone will post a link to that content, giving you both high-quality content, and a natural backlink.

Social Media

Social media is another important component of being found online, and it can help with your backlinks as well. Similarly to your site’s content, what you post on your social media channels is viewable and shareable by others. If a Facebook friend of your company posts a link to a great article you posted about your company, you have another natural backlink.

Be Active Online

The more active you are on your site, social media channels, and other online forums, the more likely you are to get natural backlinks by default. The more posts you make, the more likely someone can give you a backlink. Being more involved will also help other parts of your web development as well.

You can’t buy or coerce backlinks into happening, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help yourself. By churning out high-quality content, utilizing your social media accounts, and being more active online, you are much more likely to secure some great backlinks, and your rankings will thank you.