How Many Backlinks Are Too Many Backlinks?

More people now than ever are going online to find goods and services, meaning if you don’t show up high on search engine ranking, you will be left in the dust. Most business owners know that search engine optimization (SEO) is the right tool to vault them up in the rankings, and one of the largest factors in a solid SEO campaign are backlinks.

Backlinks are external links that point to your website or page, and the importance of backlinks cannot be overstated. But can you overdo it when it comes to backlinks? Can too many backlinks hurt your rankings?

How Many Backlinks Are Too Many Backlinks?

Quality vs. Quantity

If your backlinks come from high-quality and high-authority sites or pages, there is virtually no limit to how many backlinks you have, and each additional high-quality backlink will boost your site that much more.

When it comes to backlinks, look for quality over quantity. Not all backlinks are created equally, and major search engines like Google will weigh backlinks on quality and authority. One great backlink from a high-authority site is worth ten backlinks from a low-authority site. If you are working on link development for your site and earning backlinks, think both quality and quantity, but put more emphasis on quality.

Watch Webmaster Guidelines

Backlinks are one of the best ways to boost your rankings, but they are also one of the most common areas where webmaster guidelines and SEO best practices are violated. Too many backlinks from one domain, links from a link exchange, links from foreign-language websites and other types of “bad” backlinks will not only do nothing to boost your rankings, they can pull your rankings down and at the worst can get your website hit with a penalty from major search engines like Google.

The best way to avoid these penalties is by monitoring your backlink portfolio for strange backlinks, keeping up with webmaster guidelines and SEO best practices, and by only hiring a reputable SEO or link development service to build your backlink portfolio.

Getting Help with Your Own Backlinks

You can work to earn high-quality backlinks on your own through high-quality content and a heavy social media presence. If you need help in establishing a backlink portfolio, you can look to professional help through a SEO service or link development service.

If backlinks are from high-quality and from high-authority sites, you can’t get enough, but always choose quality over quantity. During link-building stay on top of your backlinks to make sure you aren’t violating any webmaster guidelines or best practices and if you need help, seek out a service that specializes in link building.

With a solid backlink portfolio, you can watch your site climb the rankings, and get the web traffic to take your site and business to the next level.