If your website once ranked, or you’re having troubles getting it ranked at all and have an SEO company, toxic links might be holding you down.

How links contribute to website rankings

Have you ever heard the term, you are what you eat? The same holds true about your website. Your website is only as good as who it’s associated with and search engines like Google, use links to determine your website’s reputation.

First and foremost, when done right – links are great. Unfriendly, there are too many SEO practitioners who cut corners and acquire links in a ‘less than ethical manner.’ These links are typically low quality and violate Google’s Webmaster Guidelines resulting in demotion in Google’s search engine result pages.

While you’re thinking you need more SEO, all you might need is a little link mitigation. Here’s a real life example of a client who’s search engine rankings soared. Not because we built more links, but because we removed toxic links that were killing their website’s reputation.

Toxic Link Removal

Our Link Detox Process:

  1. Identify if website has a penalty (manual or algorithmic)
  2. If a penalty exist, we determine which links are causing the penalty
  3. Next, we determine if the link can be deleted, or removed
  4. If the link cannot be removed we add it to our re-inclusion report & disavow

While the process seems simple – it takes a lot of hours of auditing to make sure that the link we’re about to remove doesn’t in fact hurt the site more. We have to be absolutely sure that the link in question is contributing to falling search engine rankings.

Need more? Check out our FAQs or contact us to learn more about our Google Penalty Removal & Link Detox services.