What Are Backlinks?

How do the major search engines decide where your webpage goes in their rankings? Well, it’s a secret, kind of. The algorithms and factors that the search engines like Google use to decide where sites go are largely proprietary, but search engine optimization (SEO) companies wouldn’t be employed if they didn’t know some of the ways to work with the search engines. While how exactly the search engines rank is a secret, there are factors that search experts know matter, like your website’s backlinks.

Backlinks? What does that mean? Backlinks play a large part in determining where your site shows up in search results but many people don’t know what they are or the purpose they serve. Let’s consider what backlinks are, and why they matter.

So, What Are Backlinks?

Simply put, any link that goes from an outside website or page to your website is considered a backlink. Let’s say that you write an interesting article about recycling metal on your webpage and a scrap metal service three states over puts a link to that article on their website, congratulations, that’s a backlink to your website. All the collective backlinks that point to your website is known as your backlink portfolio.

Why Backlinks Matter

Why the exact ways backlinks are used in search results is a secret, Google and other major search engines have publicly stated that “good” backlinks are important when it comes to your site’s search results.

We say good because not all backlinks are created equally. Google weights your backlinks. Backlinks from high-authority and established websites look good for your backlink portfolio while a bunch of links coming from a shady Eastern European website may drag your rankings down. The more high-quality natural backlinks you have issuing from reputable websites, the more likely you’ll see a jump in your rankings.

Getting Connected with a Link Builder

Proper backlinks are so important to your website that many SEO companies specialize in link building and deletion of bad backlinks, and there are some services that do nothing but work with you on a link building strategy. If your backlink portfolio needs shoring up, or you need some bad backlinks removed don’t wait around while you lose business from bad rankings, make the call to an SEO or link building service today.