What Are Natural Backlinks?

Let’s imagine that you think you’ve crafted the perfect website for potential clients for your carpet cleaning business. You worked with a web design agency, you’ve read up on search engine optimization to make sure the code and tags on your site are right, filled the site with interesting and informative content, linked the site to your social media pages, and the site is easy to navigate for users. A year later and your website it still at the bottom of Google’s third page for your keywords, what gives?

You may have forgotten about the importance of natural backlinks. While SEO is quickly becoming a popular tool to boost business, there is still many don’t know about the industry, especially the importance of natural backlinks. Let’s find out what natural backlinks are and how they can help your site.

So, What Are Natural Backlinks?

Natural backlinks are links from other sites that point to your website and its respective pages without being requested or paid to put the link up. Let’s say that your carpet cleaning service recently held a holiday benefit where you cleaned the entire carpets of a low-income housing development for free. The local news wrote up a story on your charity and published a link to your company’s website at the bottom of the article on their website. The local news was not asked or paid to put that link up, but they did, creating a natural backlink to your website. Natural backlinks don’t have to be as big as a local news story, let’s say another carpet cleaning service across the state shared your great article on how often you should be cleaning your carpets, another backlink.

Search engines use a wide variety of different criteria to decide where to rank your site, but some factors are more “weighted” than others, like your site’s backlinks. The more high-quality natural backlinks that point to your website and its pages, the more likely you will rank more highly in the search engines. No matter the dedication and work you put into your website, it will never reach its full potential without a proper backlink portfolio.

If you need to find ways to add natural backlinks to your site, or need to remove low-quality backlinks, you need a reputable backlink or SEO service. Link building experts will work directly with you to build the best backlink portfolio possible, so don’t sit around while your rankings suffer, talk to a link building expert today.