Why Does Google Value Backlinks?

What makes a good website? You might say good design, you might say positive search rankings, or easy navigability. While proper design and navigability aren’t too difficult for a website nowadays, getting great search results rankings may take some more effort, and it can be confusing why certain items matter more than others.

SEO services utilize dozens of different tools, resources, and practices to help your search rankings, but there are some practices and items that the major search engines like Google really like, such as a solid backlink portfolio. Backlinks, or external links from another site that point to your site or pages, can make or break your website’s Google search rankings so it’s important that you’re on top of them. But why do the search engines put such an emphasis on backlinks?

Why Does Google Value Backlinks So Much?

In the end, Google wants to serve the customers who use their search engine results. Rankings, and SEO factors boil down to the search engines like Google wishing to give their users the best overall experience. Ultimately everything that Google does is to take care of their customers, and that’s where backlinks come into play. Here’s how Google uses your backlink portfolio, and why they value them so much.

Relevancy of Your Site

Let’s explain the relevance and why it matters to Google with an example.

Your name is Adam Gutter and you open a tattoo shop, you call it Gutter Tattoos and Piercings. When someone searches for tattoos and piercings around your area you want your shop to pop up, not when someone searches for roof and gutter help.

Backlinks from other tattoo sites or relevant sites can help tell Google that your website and business are about tattoos and piercing, and not about gutters. This relevancy helps Google’s users get accurate results, and why this example is a bit extreme, this is a basic concept of backlinks and relevance.

Quality of Your Site

Google rates websites by authority. A site can have high authority by providing relevant high-quality content, following webmaster guidelines, getting many visitors, and other factors. This authority matters for Google’s backlinks.

The more high-quality backlinks from high-authority sites that point to your website, the better your own website will rank. This is because Google wants their end users to get the highest quality search results for any search query. By having high-quality backlinks, you are more likely to deliver what Google users want, and therefore more likely to climb the rankings.

It may seem like Google puts a large emphasis on backlinks, but they have their reasons. Backlinks tell Google the relevancy of your site to a search result, as well as how authoritative a site is for a query. Work with a link development company or search engine optimization service to earn the best backlinks you can and boost your page up in the rankings. If it matters to Google, it should matter to you.