Your website may be over optimized

Bad Backlinks

Several years ago I chatted with a friend of mine about his recent experience with various search engine optimization companies. Over the last 3 years, he had gone through 3 different SEO companies who promised to get his rankings back on track. At the time I was chatting with him, his rankings still had not changed. He mentioned that the search engine optimization specialist advised him that he needed more authority, therefore, they just kept building links and still, nothing improved.

Frustrated, he called me in to take a look. Within a few mins of looking under the hood I realized what he needed wasn’t more links, it was fewer links. It was obvious that his website was penalized for having too many, low-quality unnatural links still, the SEO provider was adamant on building more.

Before I dive into the solution lets talk about how links impact search engine rankings. When it comes to Google, you are what you eat. If you associate with low-quality, spam websites, Google will assume your website is also low quality, therefore, your likelihood of ranking for anything is low. Website’s who have inbound links from natural authoritative websites will rank quicker, and better.

Most SEO companies are poor at backlink development. Because it takes time, many cut corners and publishes links on private blog networks (PBNs) or low-quality bookmark websites. What’s worse is when a website owner or even an SEO owner buys links from websites like Fivrr where you can capture 10,000 links for $5.00. The ads typically say ‘get instant SEO rankings’ when in reality they should say, get an instant penalty and never rank again.

If you’re 3 years deep into a search engine optimization campaign and can’t seem to get traction there’s a good chance you’ve got something holding you back, and that ‘something’ is likely links.

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